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Band poster for The Paper Kites.

Sock puppet greeting cards with sock envelope liner.

Sock puppet greeting cards with sock envelope liner.


Historically an atelier was a workshop or studio of a master artist, in which apprentices would study under him doing what he did until they became masters themselves. From this idea sprung the concept for the Atelier wine labels, perfection through repetition.

Assorted characters.

Special edition Lionel Richie 2-disc anniversary album. Each of the 4 panels on the album cover was hand painted in acrylic as a nod to the beauty of Lionel's over-the-top ballads about love and the lack thereof.


Haley's Wrath was what happens when you get 2 designers, a developer and a copywriter together. Part ad, part story, part cautionary tale, it has to be seen to be understood. Click the image above to see for yourself.

Designer: George Lauinger

Copywriter: Berri Windsor

Developer: Clint Crane